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Trauma comes in different forms and many people struggle to heal fully from traumatic experiences. The presence of trauma does not just come from a singular experience – although it can, but instead it can be the result of repeated experiences. Traditional talk therapy can be used to treat trauma, such as CBT or ACT, however EMDR therapy was created to treat trauma on the emotional level (on which it is felt) and can be easier to access for people who don’t want to spend hours talking about their trauma. If you are interested in specialist EMDR in Surrey, or are reading up on trauma, read on.


Becoming ‘Un-stuck’

Discussion around trauma in its more complex forms is common on social media apps like TikTok. Entire communities of people are coming together to share the experiences that made them realise they were suffering from trauma, so perhaps this is why you think a therapist for EMDR in Surrey would help you. It is important to note that while a feeling of community can be helpful for validating traumatic experiences that a traumatised person may struggle to validate within themselves, it could also create a feeling of being ‘stuck’ in trauma. Trauma isn’t an identity as you are more than your trauma, and that’s why the healing power of EMDR can transform your life.


EMDR vs. Talk Therapy

EMDR stands for Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing, whereby precise hand movements and other bilateral movements are utilised effectively to train the brains natural information processing system to move towards healing and health. It’s preferred by clients with a more practical focus in how they like to deal with problems and particularly favoured by people suffering with trauma that have found traditional talk therapies force them to relieve their trauma by retelling the experiences.

While it may sound miraculous, there is real science behind EMDR and as such, it has been proven to work repeatedly.

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